Your New Summer Home

Welcome to Hvar, Croatia

This summer take a real rest in Ivan Dolac, Hvar

Island of Hvar

When we think of Hvar - we think about the island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage and wine and the island of rosemary and secluded coves.

Attractive in the summer just as in the winter, with pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation of palms, aloes, pine trees, laurel, rosemary and lavender and peaceful coves and islets filled with a multitude of pleasant scents.

Ivan Dolac

Southern shores of Hvar, with perfect blend of summer sun and light breeze, cricket sounds and pine tree scents will comfort your heart and senses.

This is where, by many, still undiscovered gem called Ivan Dolac is placed. Join us in this celebration of summer, and take home one unforgettable experience.